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Calling all antental teachers!

'We Speak Multi' is a project at the University of Cambridge in which researchers and NCT work collaboratively to create evidence-based resources on multilingualism for antenatal teachers and expecting parents. We would love to work with as many antenatal teachers as possible to get your feedback about how they work in your classes and improve these resources further!

If you would like to get involved you can sign up for our webinar or contact us.

Further information for webinar participants

You will be given the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas by completing a quick survey before/after the webinar. Please note that giving feedback is only optional, and you may still take part in the webinar without giving further information. Following the University of Cambridge rigorous ethical procedures, we will share with you a document detailing how we will be using the information you will be sharing with us, and ask for your consent to this. You can view this document below and download it here.

If you have registered for the webinar you can find the short questionnaires to do before and after the webinar here.

Ethics_Participant Information_Antenatal teachers_2019_12_06.pdf